The popularity of social media has skyrocketed over the past two decades and it’s here to stay. Not only is it more addictive than your morning coffee, but if you’re wanting to scale your business and communicate with the masses, social media simply cannot be ignored.

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter may have started out as entertainment platforms, but they have since evolved into powerful marketing tools. 

No longer do we solely use social media to connect with family and friends. We use it for far more than that. 

People actively seek out brands to discover new products and services, via social media, making it the perfect place to reach new customers that you may not be able to connect with elsewhere. 

This is what differentiates this marketing channel from the rest. 

The vast number of users on social media is one of the key factors that make it so effective and cost-efficient - it’s where your audience is, where your competitors are, and it’s where you should be too.

Unlike traditional media, which only offers one-way communication, social media is a two-way street.

It gives you the opportunity to directly communicate with your customers, and also allows them to interact with you. We can now get closer to our customers than ever before, test ad messages on them to inform your overall marketing strategy and really get under the hood of what resonates with your buyers.

But that’s not all it can offer.

Although engagement and communication on social media is important for a business, it’s not what you should be solely focusing on.

It’s easy to get too hooked on metrics, especially since every post you share comes with a whole host of insights that can be measured and analysed.

Regardless of how many views your video has had, or how many people commented on your ad, for example, if your posts aren’t generating you leads now or further down the line, then what is the point of the activity, particularly when it comes to paying for sponsored ads? We believe it is important not to get blindsided by big numbers and lose sight of the end goal.

If you’re spending a percentage of your marketing budget on social media, it goes without saying that you want to eventually see a return on your investment.

That’s why shares, likes, comments and views should mean nothing to you, unless you’re also nurturing your brand, generating more business and, ultimately, profiting from your posts.

When running paid campaigns on social media, each platform offers an abundance of targeting parameters, giving you complete control over who sees your ads and ensuring you’re not wasting any budget on people outside of your target audience. This is a fundamental part of our campaign set up process. We take time to understand your audience so that we can learn how to best reach them at the optimum time with the best messaging possible.

From signing up to your newsletter or booking an appointment, no matter where your potential customers are in the funnel, it’s likely you’ll be able to acquire all sorts of information that can then result in a sale. That is why we also formulate a plan as to how best to convert your audience with creative that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Has this now got you thinking that it’s time you reconsidered your social media marketing strategy to start generating more leads on social media?


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