Hazlemere Window Company Ltd is a family-owned home improvement business, established by the Brahams in 1985, and now run by Managing Director, Rachel Braham-Hill.

DigitalKOG’s link-up with the High Wycombe outfit runs far deeper than your traditional agency / client relationship. 

We very much feel like part of their business, and this closeness between us both is doubtless why it’s been such a buoyant partnership for so long – we love working and collaborating with each other, and the results we’ve engineered together reflect that.  

2020 is a prime example. It was a year that turned out to be a record-breaker for the High Wycombe outfit, with their lead volumes hitting an all-time annual high. 2021 is, so far, anything but a disappointment too, as unique website enquiry levels are up by 13% on the same period last year.

Hazlemere’s Managing Director, Rachel Braham-Hill, has explained how crucial our digital direction has been for the business, and continues to be:

“The online world has changed so much over the last 10 years and the DigitalKOG team has helped us stay ahead of the game with each new advance that has come along, whether that has been keeping enquiry rates strong, or guiding our strategy for the myriad of social media platforms that are now available. 

“We haven’t got the in-house skills necessary to keep abreast of all of these latest advances, so we rely on their specialist knowledge.”

Hazlemere invests heavily in its online budget as a priority source of new customers. 

Their DigitalKOG designed website is a hard-working tool for the business, and the additional marketing activity we conduct, such as SEO and paid advertising, delivers the lead quantity needed to keep its installation teams busy.

There was never more of a necessity to keep them busy than during the pandemic, a spell that has hit some competing industry specialists hard.

“The start of the pandemic was obviously a worrying time for so many reasons, but DigitalKOG were there throughout, even in the early days, to help us navigate a tricky few months.

“With many businesses having to furlough their teams, it was a relief that DigitalKOG were still just at the end of a phone, helping us with important communications to existing and prospective customers, and ensuring we flexed our marketing to the changing landscape.”

Lead quantity is one thing, but effective lead generation for us isn’t about that; it never will be. Quality always comes first, and Rachel is thankful that the tactics we use attract the best sales prospects to the business.

“We are delighted with the quality of our leads. The leads gained from our online activities introduce Hazlemere to local homeowners who are actively wanting to engage with us and are keen to learn more about how we can help them achieve their home improvement plans.”

Now, it’s all about forward planning and making digital enhancements that will progress Hazlemere’s position of strength.

Right now, we’re in the middle of upgrading their current retail site, and we have recently overseen and launched a new website dedicated to the commercial-side of the business.

You can also expect a strong and tight bond with the DigitalKOG team when we’re charged with helping you accomplish your business goals. Jointly, we’ll get the outcomes you want.

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