LEADOLOGY™ is the science of online lead generation. In essence it’s about accountability.

In our digital world, clicks, shares, likes, views, comments, engagements, they all have value – but only if they help you to generate business.   That is the fundamental truth and basis of LEADOLOGY™.

Mastering LEADOLOGY™ requires two distinct but essential elements, one practical and one emotional:

Expert command of digital marketing channels

A sales-obsessed mentality and attitude.

Principles of LEADOLOGY™

There are five key principles of LEADOLOGY™. Principles which all members of the DigitalKOG Team embrace and which guide our every action and reaction:


Leads first; everything else second.

Our number one goal is always lead maximisation, everything we do is framed by that perspective.

Quality before quantity.

Counting lead numbers with no regard for quality is pointless. Here, quality always comes first.

Be data driven, not data led.

Data is important. But not as a replacement for knowledge, experience, training or gut instinct – it is a support to those things. Data does not absolve us of our accountability.

Test. Measure. Record. Learn. Share.

We are never at the end. Through learning and sharing, we can always go one lead better.

All detail matters.

Detail that lives behind the scenes often impacts just as much on leads as that which is in full view. Therefore, in LEADOLOGY™, every detail matters.

Your profit matters to us

Our clients don’t buy Digital Marketing Services, they buy leads – in a perfect combination of quality and quantity produced by a team of online experts who are conditioned to care about the real outcome of their work.

If you want to truly maximise leads, LEADOLOGY™ is your only solution.

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