A new face joins our LEADOLOGY™ Centre to support our mission of creating stronger links between lead generation and lead confirmation.

It’s not just in our Preston office where staff numbers are on the up. Our lead management department in Newcastle, or as we like to call it, our LEADOLOGY™ Centre, has also lately made a new addition to its team.

Anna Bozek was recruited from large Call Centre Operator Echo-U to manage our expanding client list in this area and to further develop the unique intelligence and learning the Team help to create for our Marketing Teams. This is learning which comes only from seamlessly connecting lead generation teams and lead management teams, around the goal of optimising results.

Appointed as the LEADOLOGY™ Centre’s new Account Manager, Anna leads client relationships, being a client’s main point of contact, handling their requests and keeping them briefed, ensuring they’re happy and their business objectives are fulfilled.

She also governs client reporting, supports team recruitment needs, and frequently analyses data, conducts research and monitors performance.

The learnings from this are fed through to our internal marketing teams, so that we can improve our intelligence and apply extra resources and focus where it’s needed most. We are already seeing the benefits of this with a number of clients, where we can identify real-life lead patterns straight away and adapt accordingly, rather than having to wait for data to be collected and analysed by clients first. That means we can tailor our approach to each customer based on the real-world results of what is going on.

Anna joins our LEADOLOGY™ Centre Manager, Tina, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Team, heading up its operational side.

Tina provides front-end client liaison and also oversees the day-to-day operations of the Team, making sure that they meet the high standards expected by our clients, and optimise the opportunities for appointments created by our lead generation services.

Mark Tinnion, DigitalKOG’s Brand Director, who set up the LEADOLOGY™ Centre in 2019, said:

“Anna is a great addition to our Team. She has a wealth of sector experience and great knowledge of client management within this relatively niche area of Contact Centre Operation. Her skills will be of great support to Tina and her team, as we seek to continue to progress and innovate in the area of lead management and confirmation.”

Mark TinnionDigitalKOG Brand Director


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