We have employed two new personnel to supercharge our SEO offering and content output for clients.

Artem Zubenko and Darren Casey have been recruited to fill the posts of SEO Manager and Content Marketing Strategist.

A Ukrainian national and alumnus of Kherson State University, Artem commenced his working career originally as a freelance HTML5 developer, before transitioning into SEO, employed firstly at TestFort, a software testing services company, and then Devellar, experts in essay writing services.

Progressing from a Junior SEO Executive, he has attained over four years of SEO expertise across various niches in the US market, acquiring proficiency in keyword research, content creation, on-page optimisation, auditing, and managing remote link building teams.

These skills marry nicely with the multifaceted nature of his latest job venture, which will see him conceive and spearhead robust SEO strategies for all our client partners to propel new leads and sales and ensure conducted activity meets search engine best practices. He will also be staying informed of the latest updates in search and advances in technology.

“I was very drawn to DigitalKOG's omni-channel strategy approach and focus on growth marketing and believe that my ability to work with diverse teams and manage detailed projects complements its obvious commitment to excellence.

“It’s an opportunity that excites me and I look forward to elevating future SEO campaigns to perpetuate our clients’ successes.”

Artem ZubenkoSEO Manager

Darren has been immersed in the USA’s diverse online business and marketing landscape for over a decade, building, launching, and optimising online programs, courses, digital ecosystems, and sales funnels to drive, nurture, and qualify organic leads for business owners.

A former national karate champion who has represented England, with a career self-employed as a PT and high-performance coach, he gained valuable marketing and content strategy skill sets whilst transiting these businesses online.

Darren then became Head of Content Delivery and Consultant on Content Strategy for a variety of online companies in the health, consulting, and e-commerce space. This included, creating, launching, and delivering high-performance health and wellness courses, and installing marketing and lead generation pipeline using social media, lead magnets, sales funnels, video sales letters, mini masterclass videos, free courses, email newsletters, messenger and zoom presentation enrolment.

His established credentials in online content strategy and adeptness in engaging with businesses, entrepreneurs, and CEOs will foster quality content that entertains and engages our clients’ audiences.

“My existing experience aligns with the outlined role responsibilities, especially in creating innovative new brand content and engagement strategies, connecting the people in the business with prospects to build ‘know-like-trust’ much faster, crafting organic automated marketing ecosystems, and building even more effective lead-generation pipelines.”

“After working internationally and remotely exclusively for the last 11 years, it’s great to be involved an in-person, dynamic team environment again where in collaboration with my colleagues and by wielding my self-driven nature and goal-oriented mindset, I can help KOG consistently deliver desirable, usable, and sharable content.”

Darren CaseyContent Marketing Strategist

Steven Ormand, Managing Director, had this to say about our dual staff appointment:

“Artem’s seasoned expertise in SEO and Darren’s decade-long immersion in business and content strategy promise to elevate our client campaigns to new heights.

“Coupled with the existing capabilities we have amongst the team, I’m convinced that the guys will put us on the road to delivering even greater value and innovation to all clients.”

Steven OrmandManaging Director

Current job openings at DigitalKOG are advertised and waiting to be applied for on our careers page if you envision being our next LEADOLOGIST™.

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