Setting Up Your Installation Shots

Following the social media masterclass we gave to the Conservatory Outlet Network last year to further enhance their Facebook & Instagram pages, installation images of windows, doors, and living spaces have been flooding in from many who attended.

As a reminder to them and to assist those who missed out on the session, here’s a short guide to how best to capture photographs and videos of your stellar installations with a camera phone.


Where possible, make the work area around the completed installation as neat and tidy as you can, removing anything that doesn’t need to be in the shot e.g. bins, general waste, tools, washing line, so the home enhancement is at the forefront of the photograph (see the below example).

Before After

One criticism of the second photo is the slight glare in the image. Try moving around a little or taking a shot from a lower or higher angle to remove any visible glare and turn off the flash function on the phone.

Don’t just photograph the finished installation. Take followers on a visual journey of how the project was executed and exhibit how the chosen enhancement has transformed the property with before, during and after images and video.

Always record video footage of installations in portrait mode as no black borders will appear when uploaded as a Reel on Instagram and Facebook, as they would if you record them in landscape.

Drop us an email or call if you’d like to begin feeding us with imagery and video content of your project work for distribution across your social channels.

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