Just over a year ago, we expanded our creative department to a team of three, recruiting Josh Pickering to work alongside creative cohorts, Megan and Michelle.

Upon his appointment, we released this blog. 12 months or so on from his arrival into the business, we thought we’d let Josh give you some insight into what working life at DigitalKOG is like, beginning with a recalling of his pre-KOG days.

About Me

I studied Photography at Blackpool and the Fylde College University Centre, but after earning my degree, I decided to shift my focus to Graphic Design.

Following a year of building up a strong portfolio, I landed my first design job, working within the hospitality industry.

It saw me specialise in branding for restaurants and pubs across the country, using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques, from sign-writing to employing CAD routers, to create detailed lettering and logos.

I’ve also been lucky enough to do freelance work for brands such as Secret Training and Traeger.

My Job

As the company’s Creative Designer, I am expected to take direction, turn concepts into visuals, efficiently communicate with clients, and implement feedback to generate the best possible final product.


Heading up several of my own projects has been one of my biggest accomplishments.

Working on a recent logo evolution from start to finish is something I’m very proud of. Unfortunately, it’s a little too early yet to reveal who it’s for, but it should hopefully be live later this year.

Also, observing the results from sales campaigns etc. has been rewarding and interesting, giving me an understanding of how our creative work influences leads and using that knowledge to create more effective campaigns.


To have an involvement in such a diverse range of projects over the last year has allowed me to apply my expertise and communicate messages via both digital and print mediums.

One assignment that stands out is my role in coming up with the branding for next year’s inaugural Materials & Finishes Show, a reimagining of the W Exhibition – seeing the rollout of the concepts has been amazing.

And although it sounds cheesy, joining the team has also been a highlight. Everyone has been really friendly and welcoming, which immediately made me feel like a part of it.

Future hopes

Looking forward, I hope to continue working on more exciting projects, while also improving my skills along the way.

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