Early in 2023, newly graduated Fay Watchorn, landed her first full-time job in digital marketing, recruited to fill the position of Paid Social Media Executive at DigitalKOG.

She’s slotted into the team brilliantly – full of enthusiasm, always exhibiting an eagerness to learn, and is never afraid to offer new perspectives of how we can construct and implement paid social campaigns.

With Fay now well-settled as a LEADOLOGIST™, it felt a good time to get her viewpoint on her first six months within the company, starting with a recapping of Fay’s academic achievements and previous work background, as detailed in her arrival blog.

About Me

Prior to joining DigitalKOG, I graduated from Edge Hill University in July 2022, where I achieved a first-class honours in Marketing with Advertising BSc (Hons) and a CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership.

During my time at University, I started working for The Intact Centre, a Preston-based charity, which gave me practical experience in undertaking various marketing tasks. These included crafting content for their social media channels, as well as writing blog posts for the website.

My Job

As a Paid Social Media Executive, I work closely with our Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Amy Fryer, to manage our clients paid social campaigns.

Each month, I help set the campaigns up for each client using Meta’s advertising platform, requiring a lot of collaboration with the Creative team to make the content as engaging as possible.

Over the course of the month, I monitor the performance of each campaign and optimise them, as and when necessary, to intensify their effectiveness. This can involve tinkering with the copy, adding in more imagery, or re-distributing the client’s budget.

I then provide a monthly report to each client, including an analysis on each campaign and insight on the volume of leads generated.


I’d say that the various aspects of the role have played a major part in the growing of my digital and communication skills.

Being given the opportunity to work on behalf of Lakeland Verandahs, one of the UK’s leading decking specialists, managing their paid social campaigns and surveilling their progress, has also been a notable achievement, one that I’m proud of.


We recently relocated offices to W_rkspace and I documented the move in our first ever TikTok post.

I thoroughly enjoyed being involved with this, very much as I’ve liked lending a hand in the general development of DigitalKOG’s other social channels.

Future hopes

Continuing along my journey as a LEADOLOGIST™️, I wish to be educated in other channels, such as email and PPC, to become a more-rounded marketing specialist, whilst still generating lots of client leads on the paid social side.

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We’re glad to have given Fay a platform to initiate a career in digital marketing and broaden her understanding of the discipline. Looking ahead, we’ll be aiming to expand her talents through the support offered by her colleagues and our in-house Development Coach.

If we sound like the kind of agency that you’d relish working for, visit our careers page to view our current job postings.

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