All-Time High Summer Sales Record Smashed For Visual

The management team at Visual Conservatories, have expressed a debt of gratitude to DigitalKOG for our LEADOLOGISTS™ hand in helping them to generate record breaking sales.


in sales this summer

It’s the biggest summer sales tally in the 15 year long history of the West Yorkshire based home improvement company, smashing their previous sales record by a significant margin. 

It makes Visual the latest in a long line of DigitalKOG clients to announce record sales this summer. 

Trusting your agency is very important, especially when entering uncharted waters, and the confidence that Visual showed in our pre and post lockdown strategy has paid dividends, culminating in one of their most profitable trading periods ever. 

Our LEADOLOGY™ services are designed to maximise leads in every situation – even those you’ve never been in before – and the results achieved by Visual this summer have shown why maintaining that focus on our central purpose of lead generation is so important for our clients – no matter the circumstances.

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We entered unknown territory in lockdown - everyone did - but we were confident in our strategy. Maintaining a presence was one thing but shaping messages, tactics and getting the timing right was critical during a really emotional period.

Nobody knew exactly how the market would react but the skill and experience in our team combined with their commercial instincts proved exceptionally important in generating the results we’ve seen. The DigitalKOG team deserves a tremendous amount of credit for making sure that our clients were the ones who have come through on top.

Steven OrmandManaging Director at DigitalKOG

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