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When you work for businesses whose sales process takes place offline, the service of a Digital Marketing Agency generally stops at the delivery of the lead.  But what happens to that lead is in fact the most crucial part, both in terms of optimising the value of each and every enquiry and in terms of gathering valuable data to inform the strategies of the future.  So, if you’re ever going to truly maximise the budgets to which you’re entrusted, that’s a problem you have to solve.

That’s why following a highly successful pilot scheme,  DigitalKOG are proud to announce that we have created five new positions with the opening of a new dedicated department for lead management called our LEADOLOGY™ Centre.  The investment brings our total number of team members to 20 within just 15 months of business.

Our LEADOLOGY™ Centre makes us one of the only Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK to have its own dedicated Online Lead Management & Research Facility.

Based in Newcastle and staffed 7 days a week by a team of skilled lead generators, it exists to maximise our clients’ returns from their online enquiries and record and analyse data through a series of ongoing studies to improve lead acquisition, lead management, lead conversion and sales conversion activities in the future. It will also enable clients to make the most of the value of their database through out-bound calling, where requested.

So, whilst not only providing a highly effective way to maximise the conversion of the leads of today – without the cost, complications and compromises that come with employing internal staff, the department will also act as an essential source of intelligence and research in order to enable our clients to stay one step ahead of the game in the future.

“The LEADOLOGY™ Centre has been a total success for us. Not only are we now making the most of all of our leads, we are provided with data, intelligence and insight that we simply could not access or acquire without significant investment. And vitally, it’s data that we have been able to use and act upon to maximise revenue. It has changed our business.”

Stewart KellyEden Windows, who formed part of the initial pilot scheme

Digital Marketing has to become more accountable for actual results rather than relying on seemingly never-ending metrics. That’s why we are investing in helping our clients to make the most of their leads beyond just the delivery to their Inbox and why we will continue to develop the LEADOLOGY™ Centre as a hub of insight, experimentation and analysis so our clients are always the best informed in their category.

If you would like our LEADOLOGY™ Centre to amplify lead opportunities for your business, arrange an appointment with a LEADOLOGIST™ today.

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