DigitalKOG Begins Courageous Leadership Programme.

Developing good leaders in business is no quick fix. As emerging leaders’ step into their roles, they start out on a journey to build their skills, shape their mindset, and equip themselves with tools that will help them become the best leaders they can be.

It’s a gradual process not an overnight transformation, taking the ability to embrace personal growth, to listen and learn from others and put skills into practice with teams.

We recognised that we wanted to help our leaders in a proactive way, giving them space and time to develop their leadership powers in a safe, learning, and dedicated environment. With that, we are happy to celebrate the launch of our DK Courageous Leadership Programme.

Designed and facilitated by our in-house People Coach, Charlotte Haslam, the programme focuses on shaping the DK leaders of the future, building confident, authentic, and effective leaders to develop our team and deliver for our clients.

As an agency invested in the development of our people, we thought it was time we took a more formalised approach to developing our leaders. We want DK leaders to feel supported, challenged and that they can be their authentic selves in their role. This course aims to provide that foundation.

Charlotte HaslamPeople Coach

Each regular session has been designed to encourage learning and activate lively debate between those on the leadership programme.

The DK Courageous Leadership course will focus on what we believe to be the three most important areas of leadership we want our DK leaders to develop:


Being authentic – getting to know their own leadership style, embracing their strengths and bringing their whole self to the role.


Upskilling to drive team performance – ramping up effective leadership skills such as decision-making and delegation, developing influencing skills, giving good feedback and being able to manage change and difficult conversations.


Championing and driving forward the vision of the business – leading with purpose, inspiring and motivating others and embodying our values.

Our first cohort “graduates” will be in March, and we are looking forward to rolling out this programme to other leaders in the business, as well as supporting our clients on their leadership challenges.

Our sessions have been so insightful to help me become a better leader and grow in confidence as a leader so I can support my team, and the business, to achieve our goals.

Megan RobinsonCreative Director

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