In a dedicated push to help every member of our LEADOLOGY™ team continuously advance in their respective job positions and realise their full working potential, we have recently brought in a Performance Development Coach. 

Charlotte Haslam, in the role of LEADOLOGIST™ Personnel Coach, is fantastically placed to help us bring our people-driven vision to life.

That’s because not only is she a qualified business coach and mentor, but for the last 25 years she’s worked at various other digital marketing agencies, managing client strategy and relationships.

This vast agency background gave her a first-hand view of the many challenges that people in agencies face and the sometimes negative impact of them. She’s witnessed how it can hamper people’s personal development, curb the contributions they make and cause them to feel both underappreciated and unfulfilled.

Her deep dive coaching programmes are designed to help agency workers conquer this and master their mindsets so they become more motivated and engaged and can thrive in their working lives.

Coaching is something completely new to most of us at KOG.

The coaching sessions we’ve so far had with Charlotte, done both in groups and individually, have been insightful and rewarding. We're looking forward to progressing with these over the coming weeks and months.

“The team will learn so much from Charlotte’s experience and passion for all things coaching. It will help everyone to develop in their day-to-day roles.

“Having a culture that gives us all the opportunity to succeed is so crucial and also essential to keep us ahead of the game.”

Martin AllenHead of Digital

Charlotte said:

“So often in this sector, personal development is overlooked or just plain ignored, and it’s extremely difficult for any agency to achieve success without a united team of driven people.

“I’m therefore really pleased that DigitalKOG are investing in it and recognise the benefits that my coaching and training will bring.

“It will extend each LEADOLOGIST’s skill set, which will be great for the individual, and the knock-on effect from that is it will also be great for the agency and our clients.”

Charlotte HaslamPerformance Development Coach

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