Profound business success only scratches the surface of the enormous impact our LEADOLOGY™-led approach has had on our client, Tom Oliver, and his home improvement company, James Oliver Conservatories. 

During a recent chat with Tom, the Managing Director of the family-owned and Lincolnshire-based conservatory, window and door specialist, he said that those within our LEADOLOGY™ team who have overseen his company’s marketing and creative output over the last 10 years, have helped fundamentally change his business.

“The strength and weight of leads persistently delivered to James Oliver over that time have empowered us to diversify and go on to sell different products, serve different customers, establish a loyal customer base and grow the business to a sustainable level.

“James Oliver is now the number one brand in the Lincolnshire region, and it’s also helped me work towards achieving a greater work / life balance, which is everything I’ve ever wanted.”

Tom also reflected on just how vital our LEADOLOGY™ services have been for his business throughout the course of the pandemic.

What had the potential to be the most challenging 12 months in James Oliver’s 30 years of trading, has turned out to be its most prosperous period ever, and, Tom, kindly spoke about our influence in its sweeping success.

With the heavyweight backing of DigitalKOG’s marketing expertise, the business has experienced enormous increases in web traffic and enquiries, but most essentially, leads, with order volumes sky-high, which has helped us navigate James Oliver through this extraordinary year.”

Tom OliverJames Oliver

The receptivity and affability of our agency, and our lead generating skills, are two of our strongest assets, he feels:

“DigitalKOG is always proactive and continuously exploring new methods of prompting sales.

“They have a dedicated commitment to us as a customer, an agile approach that’s always focused on delivering us the best possible leads. Overall, they are of a great quality and volume. They’re also a very friendly bunch of people to work with.”

The latest support mechanism supplied for the business was for its most recent showroom reopening, just upgraded after a major investment. We drove awareness of it across the James Oliver website and their social channels, which Tom reported had propelled a “high volume of footfall into our Lincoln site, resulting in a really pleasing number of conversions”. 

At present, DigitalKOG is working closely with James Oliver on the development of a new website to support the furniture-side of its business, and, of course, continuing to do all we can to underpin its future growth plans.

Tom feels that he is definitely getting a strong return for the money he is entrusting us with to progress his business, simply saying:

“DigitalKOG is doing a great job for James Oliver and I am extremely happy.”

We know that you’re frustrated with the return you’re getting from your current agency and you want more for your money. Come and be like Tom! Speak to a LEADOLOGIST™ and we’ll fix that.


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