We have boosted our client profile by successfully pitching our web, branding and lead generating services to ABCA, one of the country’s leading fire and security experts – it is a massive win for us!

ABCA is headquartered in the same city as our LEADOLOGY™ Centre, Newcastle, and has been providing UK-wide fire and security system installation and maintenance to blue-chip businesses for the last 35 years, currently protecting over 100,000 people from risk and harm.

They reached out for agency support to accelerate ambitious growth plans for 2021 & 2022 and our accomplished background in lead generation made us a great fit.

ABCA’s market is huge, competitive and financially and quality driven. The key to short-term and long-term success in such tough markets is a strong brand. We set about identifying the attributes which collectively help make ABCA different so that they were effectively positioned and then moved on to their distinctiveness. The first major challenge here was the dated appearance of the ABCA logo.

Its curved lines were at odds with the need for the brand to be presented as progressive and enterprising whilst strong and dependable, to embody ‘Surefire Business Protection’, their chief brand purpose. Use of the word ‘systems’ underneath the logo also didn’t entirely establish what the company did, and, therefore, in more fleeting brand interactions, there was no brand development taking place at all.

So, we reinvented the original logo execution, replacing use of the word ‘systems’ for ‘fire & security’ to provide target customers with a more precise description of ABCA’s service offering, and modified the styling of their logo to demonstrate strength and a certainty of support. This design refinement gives much more focus to the ABCA brand and thus affords it considerably more power in communications.

ABCA’s new branding is present within all of their marketing assets, including a reimagined website, built by our developers. 

To inform the website design it was imperative that we established, in conjunction with ABCA, the aims, objectives and key outcomes for the website to ensure it engages enough to capture two types of audience, those yet to consider changing supplier or not actively looking but who are perhaps feeling somewhat dissatisfied currently, and those further down the path to conversion and at the research phase, searching for a supplier.

The user-friendly, mobile responsive site is now live, and shows ABCA to be a real industry authority. 

It’s now over to our LEADOLOGISTS™ to do what they do best - mobilise all digital outlets to flood ABCA with a high volume of qualified leads, on a consistent basis, because that’s, quite rightly, what they’ll be judged on.

Partnering with such a progressive company, one that recorded an annual turnover of £25 million last year and placed highly in the North East’s Fastest 50 companies in 2020, is hugely exciting for the DigitalKOG team. As a unit, we’re all invested in catapulting ABCA to the next level.

Arrange a meeting with one of our LEADOLOGISTS™ here if, like ABCA, you want to team up with an agency that has a reputation for making businesses best-in-class in their respective fields.


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