Core values can be defined as the underlying principles of your organisation. 

They are the root values and beliefs that underpin all company decisions and are instrumental in establishing attitude and behaviour norms in your organisation. Values act as a guiding light, are founded in the company’s purpose, and sit at the heart of your company culture.

Set at the highest level of a business, core values hold the blueprint for how the company feels, looks, and behaves to its internal and external audiences. They drive all business decisions, from who to hire, how we attract and service our clients, to how we lead our teams and manage team performance.

So, they are pretty important to get right!

Clarifying your values can be a challenge. Our biggest tip is to work on eliciting the motivators and drivers from your founders and leaders. Then work on:

  • Keeping them simple
  • Ensuring they are empowering and propel positive action
  • Making them unique to your business
  • Checking that they resonate and connect with your team

But just knowing what your values are is not enough. Values need to be turned into action and implemented across every area of the business.

If your team doesn’t know what they are, if they are not receiving value-based feedback on their performance, if they are not demonstrating the values when they are servicing clients then you are missing an opportunity to impact your business performance.

To make sure you don’t miss out, follow our advice on how to successfully implement core values into your workplace culture and enjoy the positive impact on your team and business performance.

Share The News

Make sure everyone is aware of what your values are and why. Don’t take it for granted these are explicit. Actively distribute them through the team, starting when you onboard team members, and continue through all internal communication channels.

Put the values at the heart of your leadership style

Live by the values. Be consistent in your value-based behaviour and attitude. Lead by example and set expectations. If you are not living in alignment to the values, how can we expect our teams to follow? Consistency is key.

Set value-based goals

Develop business-related goals that are relevant to the company values. Creating a golden thread linking achievement, performance and values is a powerful, motivating message.

Give value-based feedback

Recognise employees for their contributions and performance. Reward value-based performance and identify when values are not aligned.

Grow an aligned team

Embed the values in your recruitment process. Setting expectations early ensures you get people who align to your values in your business. Value aligned teams, become high-performing teams.

As we enter our third year of business at DigitalKOG, focusing on successfully implementing our values of Curiosity, Collaboration, Service with Purpose & Progression into our business is a key goal for 2022.

Managing Director, Steven Ormand, said:

“The core values that we’ve defined will provide the DNA for the culture of DigitalKOG, act as the framework for our decision-making and be a driving force for our future aspirations.

“We want to challenge the perception of lead generation marketing and abiding by these values in everything we do will ensure we accomplish that.”


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