Our fresh approach to lead generation focuses on growing your business by delivering high-quality leads. We have partnered with 150+ home improvement companies, transforming their business’ success.

Lead generation for home improvement industry

We breed leads

Spanning every aspect and platform of digital marketing, our lead generation marketing optimises results for today and effectively sows the enquiries of tomorrow. Our services are framed by our LEADOLOGY™ approach, a proven marketing approach which demonstrates our expert command of digital channels and a sales obsessed mindset.

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25 years’ sector experience

Proud to be the number one agency for home improvement business, our team of digital experts work across a spectrum of clients from window and door installers to conservatory, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom suppliers and retailers. We also have clients in decking, garden supplies and home energy, covering every aspect of the home improvement industry. For each and every client we work with, our goal is to drive trade and consumer enquiries to build long-term business growth.

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Experienced in the home improvement industry
Analysing metrics

Metrics that really matter

Delivering 65% growth in website traffic for our clients is a real key indicator of our deep understanding of your customers. We have an innate ability to establish high web traffic volumes and persistently grow them through our expertly delivered digital marketing.

That coupled with our execution of creative campaigns means we can consistently deliver 13500+ quality home improvement leads per month, creating a healthy pipeline of meaningful prospects for all our clients.

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Work with our Leadologists

When you work with DigitalKOG, you work with a dedicated and highly experienced team. You engage directly with commercially driven digital experts who deliver purposeful marketing solutions. Our LEADOLOGY™ Centre is the icing on the cake of our service offering. Staffed 7 days a week, our expert appointment generators are employed to ensure that the potential of every lead opportunity is truly realised and no chance to sell is wasted.

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Team managing leads

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